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Here at the Be Inspired Page you can find quotes from parents and children from newly arrived families who have participated in SPARK. It is important to us to make sure that families are at the centre of the work we do and here they share their experiences with us.

Bright Sparks

“I want SPARK to be in every day and every day and every day…” – Bright Sparks child

“I think that Bright Sparks is a really good program, this program helps me read, write and learn more. Bright Sparks is a great, fantastic and excellent. I think that sparks is fantastic because the volunteers are very nice and caring. I really like drawing, reading and writing thanks a lot to sparks. I know how to draw, read and write and I like it a lot. Thank you for helping me at the Sparks program. I like my pencil case and I hope you come back.”

– Bright Sparks child

Under One Big Top School Integration Circus Program

Children that participated in the Circus Program had this to say:

“During Circus I felt happy and it was fun and a good experience and I want others to enjoy it”

“I felt proud of myself in the Circus. I also felt happy!!”

“I learned to do tumble, pyramids, stretch more, and more tricks and I will never give up”

“I love working in a team now”

“I learned never say ‘I Can’t’, try your best.. if you fail it does not matter”

“I learned how to spin the plates and make a pyramid. I know it is even okay to fail”

Community Sparks Group

“It is very good. It is useful and my speaking has improved and I am learning more. I’m more confident to speak to people, for example a doctor” – Community Sparks parent

“I am happy here – the teacher is very good and my classmates are happy and laugh a lot” – Parent at an English Conversation Class

“I came here as a refugee and people have been so good to me. I think it is our duty to give back” – Parent at a Volunteering Pathways workshop, on her reasons for volunteering

SPARK Schools

“SPARK has supported our children’s learning and growth in a big way…This program has been an invaluable resource in our school.” – SPARK school

“Thank you… I feel that the program is very beneficial. It has opened a whole new world to the parents, and the children are getting that special attention they often miss in a large class of students” – SPARK school

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